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Let Us Prove Prevention Is Possible

Cylance Consulting

Our industry-leading experts secure client systems with a prevention-first methodology and AI driven technology.

Delivering the Outcome of Prevention

Cylance Consulting is a world-class cybersecurity solutions provider to organizations around the globe. Cylance Consulting helps our clients address cybersecurity concerns and challenges of all types, working together to construct a strong and effective security posture utilizing Cylance Consulting’s prevention-first methodologies. Cylance Consulting’s industry-leading experts provide the technical expertise needed to effectively analyze cybersecurity requirements and to design comprehensive solutions to meet goals and objectives. Cylance Consulting’s number one priority is to secure our clients as quickly as possible using advances in automation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cylance Consulting Services

Incident Response and Containment

Incident Response and Containment

Provide faster and more accurate results to quickly contain and remediate incidents using AI-driven products.

  • Compromise Assessment
  • Incident Containment and Retainers
  • IR Tabletop Exercises
  • Malware Analysis
  • Disk and Memory Forensics
Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Employ passive and non-invasive techniques to identify, improve, and optimize the security posture of highlysensitive systems.

  • ICS Risk Assessment
  • ICS Security Fundamentals
  • Building Automation Assessment
  • ICS Component Testing
  • ICS Site Security Review

IoT / Embedded Systems

IoT / Embedded Systems

Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as their associated ecosystems while retaining the ability to grow and expand in the future.

  • Embedded System Security Assessments
  • Embedded System Design Review
  • Automotive System Assessments
  • Medical Device Security Assessments
Red Team Services

Red Team Services

Identify, prioritize, and manage risk through assessments and social engineering to secure environments.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Architecture Assessment
  • Web and Mobile Application Testing
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Goal-Oriented Red Team Assessments

Strategic Services

Strategic Services

Align cybersecurity initiatives with the organization’s business interests and operational needs.

  • Incident Response Program Development
  • vCISO Services
  • Prevention Program Review
  • Strategic Technology Assessment
  • NIST CSF Gap Analysis


Empower defenders and protectors with knowledge to find and respond to attackers.

  • ENGAGE and ENABLE Solution Training
  • Cylance Security Professional Accreditation
  • Incident Response Technical Training
  • ThreatZERO Knowledge Transfer
  • A Guide To Threat Hunting Using ELK Stack and Machine Learning