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Threat Prevention for Your Enterprise

It's time to think beyond traditional security solutions and adopt a prevention strategy to safeguard critical assets/data, optimize your business models and drive predictable business outcomes for you and your customers.

Let Us Prove Prevention Is Possible

The threat landscape is growing more sophisticated. Securing talent to address it is harder. Bandwagon companies offering the same tired solutions are everywhere. Cylance’s team of industry leading security experts uses advanced technology to predict and prevent threats to your data environments.

Today’s Information and Security Leadership Challenges

Enterprise Under Siege

Traditional AV Doesn't Help You Prevent Attacks
Knowing critical assets and data are at risk, executive leaders are faced with securing the business through complex infrastructure and multiple security layers that are difficult/expensive to maintain. It doesn't have to be.

Secure Not Inhibit

Navigating a Security Wasteland
Answer the demand on security leadership to meet the needs of multiple business units, while ensuring that technology does not inhibit daily business productivity.

Answer Mandates

Trust in the Digital Age
Meet crucial board requirements to maintain continuous compliance with various regulations on time and within budget.

Resource Crunch

Better Security, Fewer Resources
Pressure to "stretch" scarce security resources and budget to address more than just reactive "detect and respond" activities.

Enshrined Challenge

Prevention vs. Detect and Respond
Evolve the corporate security stack, faced with a multitude of vendor product choices and no clear differentiated value

Cybersecurity That Addresses Enterprise Needs

Prevention Is Possible
Cylance mitigates the risk of wide-scale corporate breaches by preventing a successful enterprise attack from ever occurring - the results of AI based continuous attack and threat prevention.

Reduce Overall Complexity
The ability to reduce overall complexity and operational management is possible - plus, removing unnecessary security controls helps you save on license fees and avoid support costs.

Replace or Augment
We integrate with existing systems, enabling interoperability with incumbent security vendors and existing frameworks - use us as a second line of defense, or to reduce security layers.

Minimize Hardware Costs
Our prevention approach helps reduce dedicated on-premises server, hardware and software costs. A low system resource footprint on endpoints means deployment without additional hardware upgrades.

Lower Budget and Time Burden
Remediating/re-imaging systems is expensive and time-consuming. Successfully prevent wide-scale enterprise attacks, and you remove the need to remediate or re-image systems.

Think Productivity and Strategically
Reduce cybersecurity framework management by avoiding multiple, manually intensive processes - letting IT, network & security employees focus on non-incident response tasks.

Real World Results: One County’s Story

We asked Forrester Consulting to examine the return on investment (ROI) that organizations may realize by deploying our advanced AI threat protection solutions.