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Red Team Services
Isolate Your Vulnerabilities

Red Team: Simulated Attacks, Actionable Findings. See how your organization would stand up, through an emulated attack, using the same adversarial tools, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) criminals employ. Attackers look for weaknesses in process, technology and people. Cylance identify weaknesses and test preventative measures.

How Red Team Simulates Attacks

Penetration Testing Discovers Weakness
Let Cylance help you anticipate threats and identify risks to your organization with controlled real-world attacks that penetrate networks and facilities to determine the resilience of your security solutions. Various types of penetration testing are available, icluding: internal and external, wireless, web, and mobile application.

IT Security Gap Analysis
Cylance experts analyze your cybersecurity policies against industry standards (NIST CSF, ISO 27002, PCI DSS) to determine your degree of alignment. They work with you to minimize risk exposure and provide a clear strategy for handling incidents - including a path for continual improvement and monitoring.

Human Social Engineering Assessments
Cylance Social Engineers try to gain access to protected information by exploiting unsuspecting staff members. Using phishing, open-source intelligence/reconnaissance, and phone assessments. They find potential holes in the "human element" - revealing employee security awareness and risks to the company's data and compliance posture.

Why Choose Cylance Red Team Services

Validate Your Defenses
Get your defensive team to the top of their game, while identifying the potential business impact/risk of a successful attack. Achieve these goals by facing the real techniques actual cyber attackers would use to penetrate your network and facilities.

Test Your Breach Response
Be proactive rather than reactive. Using carefully controlled simulated "attacks," you can test your defenses and ability to detect penetration, without suffering the damage and business disruption of a headline-generating breach.

Understand Business Impact
This exercise not only tests your system, it challenges your thinking. What are your vulnerabilities? Why are there gaps? With a comprehensive list of findings, prioritized by risk level, you can make informed strategic decisions about where to invest resources.

Objective and Fact Driven
Their team executes agreed-upon attack scenarios and variables. They follow up with a comprehensive written report documenting the results to client stakeholders showing the areas and levels of business risk.

Select Red Team Services

Network Security
Safeguard information to ensure its integrity and confidentiality on your network and in the cloud.

Application Security
Protect mobile devices as well as the applications that supply data to them.

Embedded Systems
Implement an approach for secure embedded devices along with their associated ecosystems.

Program Development
Lay the ground work to build best-in-class offensive and defensive security programs.