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SecuSUITE Secure Messaging and Phone Calls

High Security Voice and Messaging for iOS and Android

SecuSUITE® mobilizes secure voice and messaging for enterprise and government.

What’s New in SecuSUITE?

Encrypted Voice and Messaging that’s Intuitive and Efficient

Certified to meet the highest security requirements, SecuSUITE® protects against threats to enterprise, and local and national security by enabling secure communications on conventional mobile devices.

Truly Mobile Security

Whether operating locally or abroad, employees can make secure phone calls and exchange secure messages, including group chats, using the off-the-shelf iOS® and Android™ devices they already carry—rather than bulky and complicated specialized communications systems.

Uncompromised Usability

If communication technology is hard to use or unpredictable, employees may make calls on unsecured lines, or give up the ability to make secure calls while mobile. With SecuSUITE making an encrypted mobile call is as painless as making a regular call.

Flexible deployment

Choose whether to integrate with MDM or deploy SecuSUITE in full ‘sovereign mode’. SecuSUITE can be deployed in environments that require a full ‘sovereign mode’, with absolutely no dependency on any vendor infrastructure.

Crystal-clear Voice Quality

When critical issues are at stake, every second counts. SecuSUITE allows calls to connect as a standard GSM® call. And while some competitors’ solutions are known for poor audio, SecuSUITE provides excellent voice quality.

Technology for Real World Use Cases

Where there’s the greatest threat, you need the highest security. With SecuSUITE, calls are encrypted from the mobile device all the way back to the crypto gateway installed in your organization’s trusted network, so eavesdroppers can’t hear a thing.

Mobile-to Mobile

From SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

Secure Landing

From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a landline within the network.


From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to the user’s home network and from there to external mobile or landlines via PSTN extension.


From any mobile or landline on the user’s home network to a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

Secure Conferencing

From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a secure conference bridge.

Group Messaging

For multiple participants on SecuSUITE-enabled devices.

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